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Bad habits

Help! I'm hopeless. I need some basic slide lessons and I need to find a slide that fits my finger. Every slide I try is either too large and falls off, or is too heavy for my bad finger and I end up pounding on the strings. I have resorted to playin

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I am a  old guy trying to get to grips with the three string, my problem in the past is to learn ukulele and three srtring.In some regeons in the  UK there seems to be a hot bed of experianced players but in my area I don't know of one ,play what I t

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U2's Wild Honey

I have a buddy who's just getting started on a three string. He asked me to tab Wild Honey for three string.

Here are the chords.


Wild Honey By U2

(0)In the days

(0)When we were swinging from the trees

(0)I was A (5)monkey

(5)Stealing honey from a

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tuning a 4 string

I have built several 3 strings and find the EBe tuning good for my voice.I just finished a 4 string and want to tune it EBe and wonder what the 4th string would be. EBe? any ideas would help and what gauge string should I use.

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Howdy folks,

I couldn't figure out which group to post this question in, so thought y'all might help with this question.

Other than the movie "Honeydripper", what are some other movies that have been made about Blues Guitar players?


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songs to learn for a begginer.

so i thought i would ask you nice folks the best songs for total begginers to learn with? If we could compile a list of songs with tabs or notes that would be great and hopefully stop guitar meeting the wall at force with the 1000th poor rendition of

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