Chord charts for 3 string open tuning

Here's some charts I put together for Gdg and DAd open tunings.  The charts give the power chord (which can be used for either a Major or minor chord) and the Major, minor and dominant 7 chords, minus the 3rd.  The chords may not sound "complete" without the 3rd, but you should still be able to have a lot of fun with these - and you'll still create a good sound.


Gdg tuning:



DAd tuning:


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  • Here's an AI tool I made for generating chord inversions for any 3 string tuning: It's saved me a lot of time!

  • Just an FYI. I've been using a chord chart for a Greek Bouzuki. They are 3 string and usually tuned to dad.
    • Is this chart for slide on a fret less or just a fretted guitar with fingers?

  • Does anyone know of any linux programs to make charts like these?

  • Great info. thanks.kB
  • Hey Sammy,


    I also started on ukulele.  Been playing tenor for a few years off and on - I mostly just play chords to songs I find online.  In my opinion making the transition to CBG is pretty easy.  I just need to take the time to make a fretted instrument now that I'm tired of playing slide.


    I hope the charts work out for you,


  • Nice one mate, this is just what I've been looking for since I recently fell in love with CBG's. Just gotta somehow transpose my limited knowledge of playing the ukulele into the CBG I'm making. Oh dear, what have I done? Thanks again.
  • Simple and to the point, just like a cbg. Thanks Michael. I have been using the straight bar, now i can add in the 7th's , who knew.


  • That is fantastic - there is another chart kickinga round here that has a lot fewer chords and is confusing for newbies like me.


    I *knew* there had to be more chords hidden on that stick - your Gdg chart is just what I was looking for and will unlock a whole new set of options/songs for me.



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