3 String Theory Charts and Tab Sheets

Following Keni Lee's videos, I'm learning a lot about theory, and have developed this "booklet" of cheat sheets to help me transcribe and write songs. It includes fretboard charts, major and minor scale charts, chord analasis charts, and tab sheets. It DOES NOT teach theory, but is for a quick reference, and I designed it to use together with Keni's videos. I'll put it up here for free download for a bit to share it with you guys, and also for constructive criticism- PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU CATCH ANY MISTAKES!!!

Music Theory And The 3 String Cigar Box Guitar.pdf

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  • Lovely stuff, good work sir :)

  • Good stuff, pardner....thank ya for postin' it.

    And I really enjoyed the stuff on your blog = ww.swampdawgmusic.blogspot.it



  • Sorry if I seem a bit terse in some answering questions, but as I stated in the original post, this is what I use to accompany Keni Lee's lessons- if you don't understand what these charts are, then you need to get Keni's video CD4, and then maybe CD5 and CD7. If you don't understand music theory, Keni's got a simple, no BS way of making it understandable even to neanderthals like me. I'm not a teacher, but a student sharing my notes.

    If you're new to playing, check out my blog, I have a post that explains a good path to learning to play, starting with free lessons from great players like Knot Lenny and Shane Speal available here and progressing to intermediate and advanced stuff from Keni Lee.

  • Hi, can you add a little something explaining the charts. Sorry, zero music theory.

    • Sure: buy Kenni Lee's video lessons. These are to accompany his 3 string lessons. The lessons on his CD's contain all the theory to explain these charts. With no base to work with, these charts are pointless, they are simply a reference to help with Kenni Lee's lessons.

  • Thanks, it's nice to be appreciated. Also, thanks for the criticism- I've caught other mistakes and will correct them. This site and it's members help me enjoy music, so I'm proud to be able to contribute and help the next person. Keep an eye out for tabs that I'm writing for my new songbook "Back Porch Jamboree" for 3 string CBG and harmonica! Enjoy!

  • This booklet reflects a great deal of work.  I want you to know how much we appreciate you sharing it with us.  Thank you!

  • Good job. I don't mean to be picky but you did ask for constructive criticism and being a high school teacher I can't help myself.

    Your use of Roman numerals is good although minor and diminished chords are usually written in lower case.

    You should also watch your enharmonic naming. In the key of C# for example the major third should be called an E#, even though it sounds the same as F. Strictly speaking the third note is an E something (C# D# E#) while the F is the flat 4 (C# D# E# F#).

    I didn't check the whole thing but you certainly appear to have nailed all of your scales and chord theory, and laid it out really well.

  • looks great can it be adapted to gdg tuning

    • It is written for I-V-I tuning and V-I-III tuning, and I use GDG and ADF#. You need to have Kenni Lee's lessons for it to make sense.

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