Otley, West Yorkshire

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  • Hi Ani, yes I can do that for you.

    yellowbellyflatt@hotmail.co.uk                     for photos 'n' such.

  • Hi there Ani,

    things are really good for me. The music is going well, the cigar box guitars, the fiddles, the basses, the ukuleles and the harmonicas.

    Best of luck with your new technology ! !

  • Thanks Andrew!
    Yellowbelly where are u
  • Yea,

    I couldn't find you in my list of friends.

  • Hi there Ani,

    what a fantastic looking mandolin. I hope you are truly proud of your outstanding work.

    Thanks for spotting my really ratty stand up bass that I threw together overnight last year. It sounds great, but ,as it was a quick build, it is awkward to play as I didn't bother to angle the neck. 

    I hope your bass build is as successful as your other instruments.

    I bought a cheap imitation 'mandocaster' a few months ago. Sounds good through a good amp.

    As for me, I'm still alive which surprises a lot of people. Keep well........

  • Hi Sorry its taken so long to accept your request..only just got the internet back!
  • Hi "honey",
    not spoken for a while and I was wondering how you are? I really like the white electric mandolin. Bought myself a really cheap electro/acoustic 'f' mandolin a few weels ago but have had not chance to do much with it as I have been getting fiddle practice in and rehearsing for the already started gigging season and building bass instruments.
  • Hi Ani,
    Thank you for the friend invite. Great looking mandolin you've made - nice to see the pics showing the work in progress. I try to do that but get carried away so I usually end up with one of the box and one of the finished guitar.
  • Amazing work of art. Love all the in progress pix !
  • hi there ani. really nice piece of work, sweet :0)
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