Lindstrom, MN

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  • Thanks for the thumbs up on Helltrain brother

  • Right on Chris..Maybe I write the shovelhead number

  • thank you very much !!! the tuning is C E G

  • Thanks there Chris, for the Nice comments,about the tune, i see you are a bit of a hubcap builder /player so to say, and i see you use nylons on the cbg how they hold up whit amplification? Greetszzz

  • Chris, I raised this issue with John as I was building on a very thin box and he said to NOT glue the neck thru to the bottom.  In fact, I switched boxes, because the box I had chose was so thin that I might have be close to touching the bottom.

    Again, John advised against glue neck to bottom.  2 keys, hard wood neck glued to top and box glued shut....

  • Chris,


    the two unique things that I see about John's method is that 1) he "roughs up" the mating surfaces between the neck and the top and then saturates the space with glue.... and 2) he glues the top to the bottom of the box so that sustain "resonates" throughout the top, sides and bottom of the box.


    I have been a "space between neck and top" kind of guy...and I have never glued top and bottom of box.  I did both on the test build.  I got a significant increase in sustain.  Sustain is only one parameter, but on slow, slide guitar it is really, really important.


    Oh, the only other thing is the type of wood.  It HAS TO BE a very hardwood species.  I used hickory like John did, which I almost never use.  I would second best might be Oak with a very hard Maple third.  Species like Cherry, Popular and soft Maples probably would weaken sustain.


    Email John with your experience and see what he says....


    the  best,



  • Hello Chris,  I was looking last night and see where you build hubcap cuitars. Looked at some of your work. Great looking stuff. I have built several hubcapers my self. Thought would be good to have as frend on cigar box nation. Dosn,t seem to be masny cap builders on this sight. Of corse i am somewhat new here. I also build CBG,s and have built a few from old army mess kits. Something diferent. Thanks for letting me bend your ear. Later, Taz.

  • Tack! Had a look at the video and it looks that I have to invest in a spinningaroundmachine. Or maybe a drill or a bicycle will do. Hmmm..

  • Hi from a original swede to a ex original. Looking at your work and enjoyed it. 

    Question... Did you do the  "Flatpup" yourself?

    Want to make a pickup myself and are a bit curious.


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