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Who Are You?

Sisters of CBN....maybe we should share something about who we are, where we're from (or where we're going?) Write as much or as little as you'd like. Hell, make it up if you want to. We won't know any different -- unless you become a CBG star. Whad

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My new guitar

This is only the 3rd guitar I have made. All my other instruments have been ukuleles. It will be the first I have kept for myself and I am looking forward to learning to play it. The box is one biggest I have come across and is in really good shape.

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I began my new year with a massive cup of Deadman's Reach coffee from Portland, and a good sized piece of sweet potato pie from Big Mama's house, while I watched Laurie Lee Campbell's newest offering, "Father Time." It's virtually impossible to watch

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General Discussion

This is the place to just hang out and talk about whatever is on your mind.... Having a good day? Having a bad day? Share whatever you want! Post whatever you want and don't be afraid to start a new topic by clicking the "New Discussion" link on the

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Tools Marketed to Women

Has anyone else seen those "Tools for Women" at Michael's? They include rotary tools, wood burners, socket wrench and screw-driver sets that are no different from the ones that you can find in the tool section at home depot, but they "femmed" them up

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Show off your work!

We all need some inspiration and feedback at times and this would be a great place to post your latest build. To display images in your post, you can click the camera icon in the bar that reads "Post" -- it is the last icon on the right! You can also

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