My new guitar

This is only the 3rd guitar I have made. All my other instruments have been ukuleles. It will be the first I have kept for myself and I am looking forward to learning to play it. The box is one biggest I have come across and is in really good shape. These are progress pictures the neck and fret board are now attached but I have not photographed it yet. The black wood is all ebony that I shaped thanks to the Luthier's Friend available at LMI.  It uses a dovetail neck joint but the fit was not as tight as I would have liked so I went ahead and put a screw in it as well. The sound hole covers I found at a Michael's craft store. The tops of the pot knobs are buttons that I epoxied on and the pots are inset so they do not stick up too high for aesthetic reasons. Tone, volume, and blend.  I am building a new bridge as the tone is a bit twangy and I hope a larger bridge will mellow it some. 

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  • Gorgeous!
  • Fantastic, hope it sounds good as it looks 

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