Come on, WOMEN ARE THE DRIVING FORCE BEHIND EVERY MAJOR SOCIAL MOVEMENT IN HISTORY!  The Cigar Box Guitar Revolution is going to need a lot more Women to make it grow faster and give it more depth with more Female Vocalist, Guitarist, Innovators, Inspiration, Fashion and Folk Art of all kinds!  TEXAS NEEDS WOMEN TO GET INVOLVED HERE!  There are a great  many fantastic male builders and players here.  AMAZING TALENT!  None of 'em will get off their ass without a Strong Woman behind "em, or IN FRONT OF 'EM!  Please, PLEASE, help bring us together in Texas.  CHECK OUT....    We really need the driving force and influence of Women to guide the Movement in Texas.

With Warmest Regards and Greatest Respect, Steve

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  • Too bad I'm a Tarheel. ;>)
    • HA!  That's OK!  A  Tarheel is a good thing to be!  You have a standing invitation to visit Texas ANYTIME!  And any suggestions you may have are MORE THAN WELCOME!

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