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  • I should have said 5 dollar amps in the last comment, but 5 dollar guitars would be COOL!
  • Hey Steve - gotta love 5 dollar guitars! There was a Kay electret condenser mic and two guitar cords in the back of the amp.  The lady let me have all of that for 3 dollars.
  • Idk brother:  wait around for the "perfect box" you might be waiting awhile.  I do, however, think you might want to try the paper-covered boxes for your six--string.  I'm no engineer, but it seems like the lids to the paper-covered boxes are often stronger than the "deluxe" boxes.  When you tune your guitar to standard tuning, with six strings, you're looking at about 188 pounds (so I've read) of tensile pressure, and a good deal of that presses against the saddle and bridge, and onto the lid.  Just a suggestion.
  • thanks steve
  • Cool Steve! It was hard to get rid of my first one, i still wish i had it. Good luck to ya in the New Year and sell some more.....
  • Thanks Steve. I will have to look up that vinegar/steel wool stain. I happen to have both items here.lol. The door striker sure looks easier than cutting and modifying a hinge.
  • hey steve thank you for the comment it very appereciated. some time I would like to pic your brain about a non thru neck design complete with picup, however Im unsure how to attach the neck securely you have some nice stuff here on your site.
  • Hi Steve, thanks for your comment. Nice to meet you and find such a strong PA group!
    Your photos and builds look amazing!

  • Hey Steve! - Thanks for all the nice comments on the recent build. I think you'll really like working with that box. It does have a nice thick wall for support, but the top & bottom are thin enough for good resonance. Good luck. Can't wait to see the photos when it's done. Take care! - Tom
  • i like your pic ups thems to cool, nice pick collection
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