Covington, KY


January 9

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  • Hi there Roy well the dean 's got a lipstick pickup in it ,i got the copper version (rings like a bell) and there is a Piezo under the bridge  this is all controled by the tree (3) knobs on the body ,after i got it right away took the strings of and put on the one i like flat wounds (dont rattle  and slide better) and then play it till the vingers bleed! (haahaa) thanks for asking greeeettssz and a good day to Ye !3404403224?profile=RESIZE_710x

  • Ill Bet Ye !! that el bee pretty flashy white stars on blue stripes & a Red Cape if i remember correctly

    cose he used a fjew diverend suits, mostly white to !

  • Hi there Roy! Well i made it my self!! back in the day895220872?profile=RESIZE_710x

    Iwas the front man of a groep called the STUDS ,and made my living as a House Painter ,so its actualy a paintes outfit that i decorated in the same fasion as Hank Williams did its simple make a fjew Sjablonen and spraypaint it on the fabrik
    Thanks for asking Roy !keep whiseling in Dixie ! Greeeeettsszz on Ye !

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