Wood for the neck

Hi Im looking for suitable wood for necks about 40mm wide...StrummA are 35..OK for 3 string...but I want to make 4 string...Tenor ukulele size and slightly larger...anyone know where in Uk?...also fretboard wood...these would be for making through necks


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  • I use square section stair spindles. they are 41mm square by 900mm long. B&Q and Wickes stock them. Available in Hemlock or Oak for about £8.99. Each one makes 2 necks when sawn in half lengthways. For fretboards I use Mahogany stripwood from Homebase. It's 46mm x 4mm and comes in 2400mm lengths for £8.99. Even if the neck is not fretted the mahogany stripwood adds just enough thickness to the neck to make it comfortable and pleasing to the eye.

    • Jewson does 2 x 1 (1 3/4 x 3/4 ) Sapele and Oak in 3 metre lengths or they will cut a poece to order

  • our local building merchant (boys and boden) do 2 x 1 prepared oak 4.5 mts for less than a tenner..

  •  I use these guys , I bought 4  oak slats 40mm X 20mm X 1200mm and 2 Saple slats 7mm x 40mm x 1200mm all for £23 plus postage , ring them direct and tell them what you want and they'll cut to your sizes .


     Don't forget to mention this site .

    • Got this wenge from the same source and have some oak and sapele on its way.306278246?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

    • Many thanks all...this is really helpful

  • Hi Rob,

    I made a 4 string with wood from Astons (StrummA). Turned out fine:

    #10 - rebuilt

    I made the strings (I think) 8mm apart at the nut, and 11mm apart at the bridge. When you're playing a flat fretboard, the less width you can get away with the better really, unless you have massive hands!

    I did buy fretboards from Astons as well at first. They are very good and precisely machined. Also very expensive! Try Chickenbone John's shop. I bought a half dozen from him and they were excellent, and much cheaper.

    Best of luck!


    • Nice Looker there Rick...Ill check out CBJ...I just feel I need something slightly wider..I have an Astons neck on my 3 stringer...Im also looking for thicker topped boxes too...octagonal jewellery boxes etc


    • Cool. John does necks as well so just ask him. I'm sure he can get you what you need!
    • Its in the ether!!!!

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