• Nice piece of work,looks cool.Like John said it`s difficult to estimate the value of any instrument.I make guitars but only for friends,relatives and a few of their aquaintances. I only charge what it`s worth to me, ie. cost of materials.I never charge for time.

    But as I do it for the joy,the fun and the experience it doesn`t matter to me.I`m not trying to make a living out of it.

    I`d say it`s worth what people are prepared to pay for it and how much you would be happy to receive.

    • Thanks T Belly I agree with your thoughts I enjoy the building and do not intend trying to make a living from building I think I would starve if I tried that
  • can,t really help with your main question gary,but that,s a lovely bit of work,i would think a few factors come into play though, playability obviously,but your craft has a value alone,don,t give it away,it,s not an obvious 15 minute e/bay ripoff /knockoff,good luck

  • Putting a price on stuff you've made is difficult, perhaps the most difficult part of making guitars. You have to balance a few things...

    How good is it in terms of materials, worksmanshop, playability & sound?

    What else is on the market?

    How much time & materials have you invested in it?

    I've seem people woefully underestimate the value of what they've made, and others examples where people really have an excessively high opinion of their own abilities, and who charge far more than what its worth. Unfortunately I've seen a lot of the second situation. One of the main reasons is that most folk doing this sort of thing are working in isolation, and hardly ever encounter other instruments and makers, so have no benchmark to judge their work against. 

  • That is something else Gary, love it.


  • Thanks David & David for the complements and advice
  • Gary

    I would have no idea but it looks fantastic, I am sure you would need too pay £300 plus in a retail outlet.There a number on e-bay at $350  and yours looks better.

  • Nice looking guitar Gary.

    Looking on the www the cheap end (new) seem around £128
    Your one looks a whole lot better :0)

    Personally anything I make normally end up as gifts so no idea of how much they should go for.
    Good luck with the sale,
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