• 305720385?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024This is my electric resonator. I used a six inch tri-cone replacement cone but a buddy of mine tuned it so high the cone collapsed, then I put a six inch aluminium pot lid in there for the cone and it's never sounded better! I have one Bill Lawerance humbucker off the neck and I embedded a peizo in the biscuit, tested it before I sandwhiched the pieces together and when I finally wired it up it didn't work, oh well, it sounds really cool acoustically or with the humbucker.
  • Thanks for posting this Leroy, this kind of guitar has been on my list of things to do for a while. I built a CBG for a guy who has a Les Paul reso like this one and I could only imagine how cool they sound. Your just runnin' the one pickup off the neck right? Or do you have one in the biscuit?

    Great job man,



  • Im building .resos for my first builds, inexpensive ,lesson learners I hope..Im Very Slow, but at least Im not too pretty good! my mistakes wont be expensive wood .. I just aquiered an old Shop Smith havent got it set up yet .My shop revamp may be easier than converting wife to leaving cars parked outside.... Lets see....Seems to me Gibson uses around 14 Degrees' on most there old archtops. I like a Luthier joint for the headstock.,a scarf joint where the neck meets the body maybe 5 Degrees. These break points should comfort and vol with aprox 1/2 ---- 3/4 tall bridge w/wo truss rod... I can only adapt what I think I know from lots of yrs guitars......I also saw pics or plans somewhere in the Nation similar or same , I thought when I saw them Gibsons. So; the straight thu the box Fenders ....!!! Im having a great time! happy to meet ya !!
  • This is not a CBG reso, but is an electric resonator guitar. This thing sounds awesome, was quick-cheap-easy to build, and is one of my favorite guitars in my collection. Here is a link to my website explaining how I made it.





  • Hi Mike , i upload many photos in my first reso and it is electric, check them, hope those photos helps you,

  • Man that is some beautiful work!
  • This is the pic I intended to post.
  • Here's one I just finished.
  • if you are have issues with neck/break angles... I'd suggest doing a "Bolt-on/pocket" neck (ala' Fender), so that it is adjustable.... Since mastering the technique, it's about all I do, except for prim neck thrus... Allows a lot of room inside the box for your cone and pups.....

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    Wichita Sam
  • I have built 2 so far and have started my 3rd. These 2 have 6 inch cones. The next one will have one of Lowe's 9 inch cones.

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