thanks again to all who helped us

its been almost a year since the fire we finally finished the house and moved in its awesome
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  • Hey Ron still diggin that beautiful baritone along with with the Swamp witch and the suitcase amp from you fine folks on this forum and I'm doin it in our new beautiful home happy holidays to all my cigar box brethren......

  • Been wondering how that was going. Still diggin' the VN-4? Merry Christmas, all over again.
  • Great looking home!

  • Thanks for the update. Very happy for you guys.

  • Excellent!!!

  • Beautiful...

  • OH WOW !  ,  That's as  beautiful as a postcard  !   , so  glad  to  see  it  rebuilt  and  you  guys  back  on your  feet  .   now  you  can sit  on that  gorgeous stone wall and  play  your  swamp witch and your  vn4  ;-)   congrats   man  ,   and  thanx for the update , it warms my  heart  ;-)


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