Is that any better?

I had a clear out yesterday...
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  • What you do its take a picture of someone elses clear garage and post it as it makes you feel like you did the job properly.... kinda sticks in the mind too, so kinda of works...well at least until I enter it again!

  • amazing how much stuff you can hide with photoshop.... I like the floatin' swampy

  • Yeh unfortunately the pic above is a complete lie
    And very little changed in 5 hours
    But I have standing space to build again!!!
  • Hmm... it only took you one day? I'm setting aside a whole week in the spring to get mine back in shape!

  • Hey Bug, no you can't sue them, but you said you saw Seasick Steve's video, maybe him, lol. Could this be why I haven't got my first build done yet, cause I am scared of the things that will happen after words. Beside being a procrastinator.  

  • Did your rent a bulldozer?
  • Love the "plank and biscuit tin" guitar, sounds awesome!

  • Ooer this was the first thing I ever built in 2009 :

  • This is similar to what I saw in 2009 and then it all went wrong from there onwards :

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