A Happy Customer

Phil stopped by to pick up his new instrument! He took my class at the college last fall. Since then I installed a pickup in the CBG he built, made him a Flathead Diddley Bow for slide guitar, and now this guitar style dulcimer. He loves the look and sound of it. I truly enjoyed watching him play it.

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  • Thanks Uncle John! The good news is that Phil travels in different circles that I do, so it will be interesting to see what happens.

  • I agree wholeheartedly Kale! And I got a call from Phil yesterday; a buddy of his wants one too, so I have work to do. A good problem to have.

  • Looking good!

  • This is what it's about Doug. Exposing others to the magic of CBGs.

  • You are very welcome, Doug. Thanks for the inside story. Very resourceful, especially when it came to recycling the neck. At least in some areas, nothing goes to waste!

  • Thanks Jonathan! The build came out better than I expected. I recycled a neck from a lefty guitar I parted out. The Alder looked great and I thought it would save me some time, I was wrong about saving time, but not about the Alder. I chose the Olivia box because the coloring was pretty close.

  • Very much a lucky guy. Priceless. that's all i can say.

  • I agree BrianQ! I was envious myself as I have not built one of these before. Phil has been broadening my building horizons.

  • Lucky guy!!

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