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  • some a Daves handywork ...I cleaned it up and changed it a bit...who can relate???


  • I’ll join.  Where do I sign up?

  • we need one more member ASAP!

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    iTunes/spotify/pandora/amazon/Styrofoam cups with string,
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  • A Moon Pie gift tin 3 stringer. A 'stealth' P90 from an Epiphone Casino is at the neck and a piezo disc is under the bridge.


  • cool...I haven't seen you in a while!

  • A close up of the body. Simple three string fretless.


  • My latest three string slide guitar finished today and collected as soon as I'd put the last screw in. I really like how it turned out and the new owner (a personal friend of almost 30 years) was so happy with it he was dancing as I demonstrated it for him.


  • Hey Toby!

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Beter Tuners?

The hardest thing for a newbi like me is keeping the guitar in tune, I have to retune it every time I pick it up. Are there better tuning machines that will fit a 1/4 in tuning peg hole, or do I have to have the holes redrilled Any and all help is appreciated!

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Bouzouki... kind of a three stringer

Hello folks, I am sharing a recent build, a Greek instrument that inspired my Gourzouki. It has a gourd body, maple neck, walnut fret board, walnut nut, maple/walnut bridge, Paduk accents. It really has an interesting sound and plays a lot like a 3 string instrument. DAd set up, just like an actual bouzouki.image.jpeg

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MorningCan any kind person out there help an old guy out.I have been strugling to learn a song from you tube,I have a little of the tab done but now I am lost.Is there any one out there cat can figuire the tabs out for me link to songe included. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fOgdPkE6EWY Thank you Mal (UK)

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