Never happened to me before.

Just finished No.21 and for the first time after tuning it up and positioning the Threaded Bridge I find that Top and Bottom Strings are a perfect octave at the 12th Fret but the Middle "D"  string is way out. A good 1/2 a note Low. Been fiddling about for ages now. Any suggestions please. What am I missing or doing wrong. 


Pictures of No's 19 & 20 (Hopefully they will appear)



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  • All fixed. Took it to the shop and the guy who does the guitar setups _ one strum and said Duff String. Changed all 3 strings and all perfect octave at 12th fret. Only 2nd duff string I have encountered since my 1st Guitar in 1955
  • Hi Tony

    I'm tending to agree with previous messages. If it were me I'd replace the bolt nut for a flat face bone nut which would help with the problem outlined by Michael (the distance between the point of contact between the string/nut and the first fret), either that or cut a couple of mm of of the fretboard to allow the bolt to sit closer to the first fret. And on the positioning of the bridge, I agree with Darryl - it looks like it should be between the two lines of script on the tin.

    What you must also remember is these aren't meant to sound like a vintage hand built Martin, their roughness is what makes them sound so lovely!!


  • Hi tony ,hard to scale accurately from the pics,but feel michael may be correct,also,particularly on the tin build,your compensation angle is much more severe than any i,ve done.When i,ve had intonation probs in the past,i,ve dropped back to getting centre string right ,then just rotate to find top and bottom,hope this helps,by the way my best guess suggests ,that on the tinny,your bridge should be between the 2 lines of gold script,good luck

    • Sorry Guys. A bit misleading of me but I have not actually published any pictures of the CBG with the problems. All the ones I have pictured since I have joined CBN  have been set up first by me then by the shop I sell them in/through. 

      I make 'em with a "Compromise" ie Dual purpose, either Pick or Slide so therefore they are a bit high. We also have a selection of Nuts and Bridges (Threaded rod type) of various sizes so if a customer wants then they can pick their own string height. Will admit most take 'em as they come. Lets face it they ate not buying a £10,000 Gibson.

      Oh well back to the workshop to carry on with the next one.

      Tony B

  • Difficult to judge by your photos,but if your nut is positioned as in this drawing the distance to the first fret will be wrong.Also the scale length on each of these guitars seems wrong,the twelfth fret should be the mid point between the nut and saddle306212269?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

  • Is the middle string too low at the nut and already bottoming out on the 1st fret?

    • No mate 

      They all quite high for Sliding.

      It's a new problem for me and I just cannot think of how it can happen

      How about something wrong with the string

      (Clutching at straws now )

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