Hen's teeth

H from Bournemouth

I'm new to the CBG scene, having been hooked in by my brother in law. I've built 3 CBGs - a 3 string, 2 string and 1 string. (next a stomp box?).

Anyhow I'm finding that getting materials is far from easy. Cigar boxes are scarce and command a premium price. I've found the best source is actually cigar shops. Ebay has some but pricey and it isn't easy to see if the advertised box is really what you want. Likewise, wood for the neck takes some determination. I've used, old sofa parts, broom handle, stair spindle, and eucalyptus from Travis Perkins, but maple and oak 2x1" are hard to find. Even thin mahogany sheet took me ages to locate. Luckily pegs and strings are commonplace.

It seems ironic that an instrument originally made by poor folks with cheap commonplace materials has become one made from expensive scarce materials! Perhaps this is a British phenomenon as the guys across the pond don't seem to have a problem.

Then again - is it me?


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  • Hi Jock - nothing worthwhile is easy!  I get boxes imported from USA but yes, they are expensive, I usually buy a few at a time and end up paying £9 - £12 a box including shipping and import duty....if I visited the US I would take an empty suitcase..! ;-)

    I managed to find a hardwood supplier tucked away behind a car wash out in the sticks for planed Oak neck blanks, fretboards sawn from hardwood flooring pieces, other parts from reliable sellers on ebay, on my 101st build now so things gone on far longer than I expected :-) 

  • you can get cbg from here to....


    as for timber,I just bought some off ebay.keep looking and wait till the last minute and put in what your prepared to pay.

    I got 12 beechwood for £24 in shipping that worked out at £2 a neck!

    from here    http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/ayesha-simba/m.html?item=291276321160&amp...

    I got fret board made by this guy and not bad price either.


    if you email them and ask for what you want they will sell to you no problem.

    I got my walnut frets cheaper than if from ebay.

    goog luck in finding what you want.john

    • I just bought some sapele from Homebase (Richard Burbidge hardwood). 12x55x2400 for a few £. I sawed it to 35mm wide then laminated two lengths to get 24mm thick, and planed that to 20mm. Just right for my dulcimer neck. Lovely colour too.

      My wife found me some 3mm mahogany sheet in a local dolls house shop! Just the ticket for  fret board.

      Who needs a lumber yard!

    • here is some on ebay.

      you could double the amount by cutting into two pieces.

      dress them up and stick half back on ebay and get ya money back...


  • As for necks,306378746?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024 someone on here directed me to Feuillus fencing,The guitars on the left use their oak seat laths the one on the right sapele from them 

    • Michael

      Very nice, whet is the nut made from?


    • The nuts are corian,you can buy a block from David Dyke for just over a fiver that will make loads of nuts and saddles

    • Michael

      Thanks, only just switch on to corain as a material for nuts, got my first delivery of pen planks today, 10 for £10.00 this should do 20 plus nuts.

  • Thin sheet can be found in good model shops in 3" and 4" widths 3' long and in various thickness's.This one is built with model shop timber306380163?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

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