So here's a little secret I'll share with you guys.  No one knows this about me, not even my wife.


I love to sing.  Holy shit, do I ever.  Not only that; I have this suspicion that I might be good at it.  I can't really say for sure because I've only ever heard myself from inside my own head (you know how when you hear yourself on an answering machine and say, Ewwwwww I sound like that?!).  All I can be sure of is that I can hold a tune and hit the notes that I want to.


One of my favorite things to do when I get out of work is to belt out music at the top of my lungs in my car on the way home.  I mean some serious, raspy voiced, Zeppelin tunes, rock n roll, all that.


All day long I'm usually singing.  The thing is, it's different when people are around.  If there's someone around me, I intentionally try not to sound good, or rather, I'm not doing my best.  I hold everything back a bit.  I figure that way, if someone makes a snide remark, i can put it down to the fact that I'm not bothering to sing well and wouldn't have to confront the fact that there's a real possibility that I sound like a diseased yak.  Plus, I really hate musicals and have this thing about people breaking out into full song for no apparent reason.  They look like jerks.


That's really about all I have to say on that.  Is it possible that I'm a fantastic singer?  I guess it is but I have no clue.  Would I ever work up enough courage to give it a go for real in front of others?  Most likely not.  At least, not until I could record myself banging one out in private and then listening to the playback to see if it's even worth it.


Not much likelihood of that one happening either, though.

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  • See!!!!   There ya go ,, wives are our worst critics  ,, if they say u not half bad ,,, u good as anything u'll hear on radio !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Amazing to see how many folks have replied to this.  Funny update.  Apparently my wife has been listening to me when I don't realize she's around.  Says I'm not half bad.  Go figure :)
  • Josh ,,,    I'm a rock star !!!!   Or that's what the little old blue haired ladies at the asssisted living centers think !!!  I get em dancing in the aisle !!!  .. Seriusly ,, first time i did that i was so nervous i was almost physcially sick !!!!   .. I know where u coming from  ,,it is such a personel part of u  ,,u don t want it to b trampled on ...  but ,,, if u can sing ,, it is one of the greatest tributes u can make to urself and to the folks around u ... My wife has a beautiful voice and can really belt out some the old "honky tonk" songs ,,, but she WILL NOT sing in front of any one but me and the kids and grandkids ..  She goes around singing all time .. got everyone of the grandkids do the same thing ,, they humming ,,singing  all ways ..

    I encourage u to do something with this ,, of i will get in touch with ur Dad and get him to come see u with vinnie !!!

  • Hey Josh, post a video!

    I have always thought I can sing, and assume that its the general publics hearing that is defective, not my voice. I just sing to a different rythm. And key. And tune....

    In the art world, not being able to paint doesnt mean you aint an artist. You just call it something else, like 'abstract', or 'toss'.

    Mostly, its about confidence.

    Iv recently started taking singing lessons, and I can strongly recommend it. Ok, so Iv maybe not learnt much about technique, but I have learnt that only a very small % of folk really are tone deaf, and Im not one of them! That alone is great for the confidence. There is also something very liberating about being in a room with just a piano and one other person who actually wants to hear you sing.

    I also record all the stuff we do, so I can bring it home, listen to it and see where Im going wrong.

    Best bit of advice so far? "Sing in your 'head' voice!"

    If you find you are a truly great singer, a couple of lessons and pointers could make you truly the best singer....

    Hey, Il never be a good singer, and thats cool, but hopefully by the time our fest comes around in October, Il be able to hold a note long enough to get up and do a turn on the open mic...

  •  i got a shock when i once replayed my singing voice back on a tape recorder - horrible, and it sounded sooo good in the bath, and i thought could sing like all the top guys ) -:

    Now i disguise it as best i can, no-one would know it was me if they heard it, but hope it still has character enough to get by ...

  • OMG, you probably just posted one of my favorite song by one of my 2 favorite performers... I have done tribute CBGs to John Lee Hooker and Tom Waits.  That about says it all....  thanks,  Sam

    Wyndham Dennison said:

    It's about what's inside.



    It's about what's inside.


  • If you're a brave soul, Josh, post some vids of you performing and singing with your guitar. I'm sure many of us would let you know what we think of your talent.
  • I find this singing forum helpful:

    Singing is like many other activities. Practice it, work at improving, and you might get better.
  • The mystery is quite simply ...... it is in your soul and destiny to do. So rock on brother!!!
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