Sunday, October 17 a 2pm at the Grafton! We're on!

Folks, the Grafton has reserved the whole back room for us, with comfy couches and roaring fireplace and everything!

Sunday, October 17
2pm  - ?
The Grafton Pub
4530 N. Lincoln Avenue, just south of the Old Town School (and often referred to as the OTS Annex)

and a cool pub review:

Contact me if you have any questions!  Bring a couple instruments, some boxes to trade, a few tunes in your head and a friend!


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  • Great photo Thirstn Howl ! I was wonderin' tho', could ya' airbrush my pupils back to the center of my eyes ? hahaha... Love your name n' it's clever spellin'by the way. Was a fun get together, thanks for postin' this. - Wally
  • Just got back home to Phoenix from my former stomping ground Chicago. I had a great time at the Chicago cbg group's first annual meet up. The Grafton is a cool pub, the weather was picture perfect and that part of the city has a very cool vibe. Here's a group shot of everyone

    that turned up.
  • Great to see you all yesterday, big big thanks to Diane for doing the legwork.
    (Again in April? Sounds good).
    Paul H
  • I enjoyed myself yesterday too, well worth the drive. It was great to meet all you fine folks and see all of the creativity of those in attendance. I saw some real cool stuff you guys n' gals, nice work ! My only regret, it didn't last long enough. ;-)
  • Great time yesterday! Thank you Diane for organizing the event. Sounds good for another one in April - or sooner!
  • That was great! So glad to meet each of you in real life and to see and play your instruments.

    So, shall we meet again in April or so?

    And whoever has photos, please post!
  • have fun , maybe i will see you guys next time . i would a brought my mini amps , and a four stringer , but .

    i cant make the drive (back injury) .

    anyone traveling past westmont , or coming in from !-55 from the west willing to let me hitch a ride ?

  • I'll be there. (Emily Post? D, your decade is showing...(g).
    Paul H

    Diane in Chicago said:
    Post your RSVPs here, kids!

    And think about stuff you have you'd like to trade. Maybe some odd tuners, maybe some fingerboard stock too narrow for what you build, maybe piezos because you have too many to use in a lifetime (me!) , . . .
  • Miles Raymer from the Chicago Reader is coming - he's a player and has a blues-stick of mine.
  • Sorry for the lateness, I'll be there.
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