CBN Glitch I Noticed

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I appreciate the admins putting the All Videos and All Pics links back. That's great. There still seems to be some weird behaviors though. I made this video becasue it's easier than trying to explian it.

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  • Hi work in progress! does it all so mean that the Music box (JukeBox) is gone for good?? or does it come back? when it was present the music comes up at rondom? i know my titels but sometimes my tracks where not credited and other times they did?

    and now i see its all gone, is it a glitch aswell ? kind greetszz keep up the hard work!

    • I just can't find a way to get individual tracks to appear on MY PAGE like the vids or photos.  Just went in there again and mashed a few buttons.  Unfortunately, the server isn't updating the music player for the new 3.0 site.  Grrr...

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    Thanks for the heads-up, Kale.  I did some mashing about and these appear to be minor glitches we'll probably have to live with.  (Along with LIKE button being replaced by a heart emoji.)

    I'm still going through everything.  It looks like the Forum posts, Photos and Videos will be the most used features, so I made them the highest priority.  Soon, we'll be officially relaunching the site with email blasts, etc.  This summer is my time to tweak what I can.  

    I'd love to see this site pull folks away from Facebook, which has become an AI nightmare anymore.  It would be nice to get back to simplicity, good discussions and new musical inventions being created.


  • I am pleased that improvements are being made since the upgrade and I hope that they will continue.

    CBN may be older than Facebook, but it's functionality for what we do here is far superior. Plus the Facebook CBG sites seem more commercially focused with a lot of duplication between the sites.

  • "Ditto  Uncle John's Comment" smile, still a bit of confusion with the Like Button not working, I presume the Heart Icon is some type of Like Button, but I do miss the old Like Button, where you could actually see who the Likers are. frown

  • Cool.  I know a bit more now.  A work in progress.....   

  • I sent this to Shane as well.

  • I didn't notice that, but you're right, it doesn't function like it's supposed to? As long as we keep letting them know about those things, the faster everything will fall into place, good eye Kale👌🏽

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