Tied Fret Knots

Nylon Threaded Fret knots, used a drop of super glue on the knot & face of frets to keep from wandering
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  • It depends on the softness & of the line, flexibility decreases with stiffer line ?

  • Sorry I'm super late to this party, but how do you keep the the string fret from loosening when tying the final overhead knot? I tried it with fishing line and I don't know how I keep the first knot (fig. C ) tight when tying the last overhead to secure it. (fig D. in the article)

    How to Tie Cigar Box Guitar Fret Knots - Free tutorial
    How to Tie Fret KnotsParts needed: • monofilament nylon fishing line (10 to 15lb test).Tools needed: • Scissors
  • And I have done cloth hangers "staple style"... worst idea ever. A pain to install and a pain to level.

  • Thanks for the info.  Glad they work so well.  I have done nails, bobby pins and tooth picks. 

  • 20 minutes? just tie & cut? no filing or sanding, easier than fret wire? The purpose was to prove that the Mugwumps article Shane posted was worth trying?

  • looks like a lot of work. roll out a long bead of plumbers epoxy on there and smash them flat when it's almost cured. ?

  • Surprisingly they don’t, uncle? They barely stick out, planning to lacquer over them to make them more permanent?

  • Fret ties are one of the oldest styles of frets, they’ve been using them for hundreds of years, probably thousands? Just tie 2 knots, trim, a few drops of glue & done. 

  • Yes, Brian.  Cool, but do work well and do the knots kind  of bother play?

  • The big question is how do they work when compared to nails, wire and other stuff we've tried?

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