Soldering station

Just a little soldering station I put together from scraps. Got the idea from Michael Breedlove @ MGB Guitars
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  • Bernie ..... yes they are. Pretty handy too ;-)
  • I forgot to ask earlier...are those silver circles set in the front edge magnets for holding work pieces?

  • Give the credit to Michael @ MGB Guitars. I saw he made one in one of his videos and like y'all thought it was a great idea. Jock, you can get Helping Hand stands that have a magnifier on them. I just happen to have this one laying around so I used it. The magnets across the front are handy too ;-)
  • That will be useful for an enthused builder.  

  • Nice idea and keeps everything in the right place. Those crocodile clips are so handy for holding small parts. These days I find I need a stand magnifier too!
  • Great idea...I always struggle with soldering. This gives a sold platform, iron stand,  holds and spare solder all in one package. Great!

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