AGP #493 - ''Juzzie''

AGP #493 – “Juzzie”3 String Fretless Bamboo Lap Slide GuitarScale: 584.2mm / 23 inchesStrings : .046NW/.032NW/.022NW/Tuning: G D g / A E a / A D G /This Build has been on my Builds To Do Bucket List since sometime in 2018, when I first seen a Utube Vid of a very talented Australian One Man Band Entertainer by the name of Juzzie Smith. (Link Below)The Bamboo (which is classed as a Noxious Weed In the Land of Oz) was supplied by my Son Robert, much more than I will ever use!.A 4.9k 4 Pole Single Coil Delta Style Pickup is Hardwired to the Output Jack, the Bamboo was coated with a Green Timber Stain and then given 3 Coats of Spray Can Clear Enamel. :-)
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  • "Thankya Kindly James O", you know me!, always looking outside the Box ;-D

  • "Couldn't have put it in a better spot Richard" :-)

  • "Thanks Jerry" :-)

  • Yep Juzzie is quite a character, plays Lap Slide, Cigar Box Guitars, 6 String Guitars, is a Whiz on the Harmonica, which he sometimes Juggles Balls etc., while playing, and yes I do notice he now has his Son playing along with him.

    Had never heard of a Gugin, just brought it up on Utube etc., and what a beautiful sounding instrument in the hands of the Gugi Masters, I guess there's different qualities (and prices) in their construction, because some of the cheaper ones I seen for sale, sounded weak and tinny for some reason, also interesting to see the way the good players slide on the strings, from what I could see they were using the fingernail on their thumb. :-)

  • "Thanks Doug", will try my best to get a Sound Sample of it done soon :-)

  • Fine Build AGP # guess you can build a guitar out of anything.

  • I opened up a Jussie Bamboo Hut for sales and demonstrations right by the entrance of the upcoming CallyFest. A crowd pleaser this should be. Nice Alan!

  • Love it
  • I remember that video, I used to have a huge bamboo guqin when I was in my early 20’s, it had 7 strings on it that were made of silk? Juzzie was a member way back in the beginning of Handmade Music Clubhouse, he even has the son playing too, I think that’s kool!

  • Very cool Alan! Looking forward to the video demo where you bamboozle us on your way to. Califest!

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