pringles speaker promo...

someone pointed out that pringles have started their promo again ....what use is it in a cbg context?

i'm not that keen on 'snacks' but bought a few packs for a bbq on my b/day later next month and then noticed the promo...

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  • I think it will be a dinky wee speaker, if they are giving it away free. Maybe good enough to amplify a flies fart, a  foxes flurry, a felines fight, a Fakirs faking, a fundamentals flaw: what the F!!?

  • Hi, jabes, I KNOW what  a PRINGLE is, am man, MAN OF THE WORLD, that's me! lol. Well, PRINGLE can be a cardigan as well.

    BTW, I HAVE a small  speaker that amplifies anything,think it will be along the lines of what the offer is "offering" Well, ah'm OFF (ering) now! lol  Byeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    • just thot i might be able to fit it in a lap steel i'm not quite started on yet...

  • sorry jamie, some text disappeared some how. i'm using a tiny netbook at the mo' as my other pooter is dead.pringles are a sort of manufactured potato crisp sold in a tube. they have a promo on whereby you send 3 whatevers off the tubes and they send you a speaker. there is no info on where/how you can use this thing or whether is is powered or passive but i recall someone on cbn saying they had used one blahblah ... is the site


  • ???????????????????????????  Is there a link missing, Mr jabes. The "missing link" (and ah don't mean Clock! lol)  Pringles???

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