Piezo or magnetic pickup?

Finally getting around to my first resonator after getting several requested "regular" builds finished and had a question. Does the sound from a reso benefit more from the vibration on the box and cone? Or can you get the sound you want from a magnetic pickup? Or does it matter?

Imagining a piezo might be better, but I have a flat-pup lying around that I'm dying to stick on something. Thanks for posting your pics on here also. I've gotten some good ideas about neck strength off of them.

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  • Dave, would the mag pup need to have 'something' influencing it's magnetic field, in order to produce sound?

    I've been thinking a piezo might be at least easier to use than a mag/coil pup...

    but I know nothing.  :-)



  • depends how Flat.. Most that I've placed in are a pain in the A$$ to mount because of the thickness of the pup and how much work you have to do under the lids to support the neck..But they do sound good...

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