• Great addition Ben!

    You cant beat the price for these folks!

    But one suggestion Ben, you need to include scale length/VSL information and provide some guidance for nut location for slotted or fretted neck blanks. I see that fingerboards are described as for 25" scale lengths and assume the necks are the same, but it could be clarified.

    Thanks as always for your efforts!


    • Thanks for the feedback Mark. I do have the necks clearly marked/labeled before they ship out, as to nut and bridge location and scale length, but you are right I definitely need to have all of that in the listing too.

  • 305838013?profile=RESIZE_320x320Well, it has certainly been a while since I posted in here, and as many of you probably know we have added MANY great new products to our lineup.


    We are very excited about the most recent additions, though: pre-made necks and fretboards made specifically for CBGs in our own shop!


    All of the necks we offer have a nice angled headstock (scarf jointed), with various options from basic/plain to fully fretted with headstock extensions! We offer the necks in 4 woods at present: hard maple, white oak, cherry and peruvian walnut.


    305839663?profile=RESIZE_320x320For the fretboards, we offer both slotted and fully fretted, in four beautiful and hard-to-find woods: white oak, Peruvian walnut, purpleheart and zebrawood.


    The work that has gone into these fretboards, and especially the necks represent some of the most difficult parts of CBG building: scarf jointing, headstock extensions and fretting. These are great options for really bumping your special CBG up to the next level, without all of the hard work and special tools that it takes to do the job well. Now you can let C. B. Gitty take care of all of that for you, so that you can focus on the fun parts of building!

  • 305748465?profile=RESIZE_320x320We now have Old Lowe's custom metal soundhole covers and tailpieces in stock! There are many different varieties in both brass and stainless steel, including the one shown here. We also have some nice gold-plated Gibson-style 3-way switches, CBG nut/bridge files, gold "hurricane" speaker covers and some other great stuff!

    Check it all out at!


  • 32-050-01%20Product%20Image%201.JPG?width=250New Product Alert: Chrome and Gold Resonator-style Screened Sound Hole Covers!


    These are perfect for use on cigar box guitars and other handmade instruments, and our price is half of what you would pay elsewhere (looking at you, StewMac)! We have these in both chrome and gold, and sell them in sets of two. They are about 2 3/8" outside diameter and fit in a 1 7/8 hole.

    These really make a nice finishing touch on a special build, and in our opinion have a classier look than a standard open grommet. Check them out today over at C. B. Gitty Crafter Supply by CLICKING HEREor by clicking the photo to the left!

  • 305729782?profile=RESIZE_320x320Just In: Gold Sealed-Gear Tuners! If you are a fan of the "sealed gear" style, but are tired of always using chrome, then you'll love these great gold ones! They are identical in design to the chrome variety but with a beautiful shiny gold finish, with matching washers, bushings and screws - the perfect accent for your perfect "gold tone" build! Best of all, we buy direct from the manufacturer so we are able to offer them at a GREAT PRICE. Check 'em out, along with all of our other great products over at!

  • New Product Alert from C. B. Gitty Crafter Supply!


    305726638?profile=RESIZE_320x320We now have GOLD SKULL TUNERS available for sale! These are even nicer than the chrome variety we sell, and include gold screw-in bushings and gold screws. These are a perfect finishing touch for your gold-themed CBG, and buying in bulk allows us to offer them at a very nice price. click the photo to the left, or click here to be taken directly to the Gold Skull Tuner listing ove....

  • 305724220?profile=RESIZE_320x320New Arrival at C. B. Gitty Crafter Supply: Chrome and Gold Mandolin tailpieces! These are beautiful, well-made pieces of hardware, designed to be mandolin tailpieces but GREAT for Cigar Box Guitar tailpieces with minor modifications!

    Check out this post over at for more information on modifying them for CBG usage, and be sure to use the links above to check out the listings over at C. B. Gitty Crafter Supply!

  • 305716645?profile=RESIZE_320x320Well we've got a lot of cool new stuff in the shop over at, and one of the coolest is a pre-wired single-coil pickup harness that includes volume and tone pots and an output jack, all pre-soldered and ready to install. We picked these up at a great price and we're passing the value on to you, just $14.99 and it's yours! Click here to go right to the listing page!


    We also have a bunch of other great new products, including new sound hole grommets, new Cigar Box Amplifier builds, strap buttons, string ferrules, new single-coil pickups (including a covered black 4-pole beauty that is just PERFECT for cigar box guitars), a new digital chromatic tuner, new pot knobs and MORE!


    If you haven't stopped by lately, get on over to today and check out the great products and deals! 

  • 305714237?profile=RESIZE_320x320We now have AMP KITS available over at C. B. Gitty Crafter Supply! This great little kit will let you turn your favorite cigar box or other custom enclosure into a rockin' little practice amp. The heart of this kit is a 2.5W Artec amp circuit with onboard On/Off/Volume Pot, and we've paired it with a 3.5" 1W ferrite magnet speaker, as well as the other key parts you'll need.


    We've priced these kits very affordably at $21.99 - all you need to add is a cigar box (or other enclosure) a battery, and some basic soldering/assembly time! 


    We also sell just the amp board if you don't want or need all of the other parts.


    Browse on over to C. B. Gitty Crafter Supply today to check out this and all of our other great new products!

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