• Adding to my canjo building is my new Foster's Diddley bow.
    Scrap maple neck, gitty tuner, carved head that is inspired by Australian Aboriginal art.


    • Pretty.

      2 8ves of frets and you still got the can right side up. (Maybe I should switch to Foster's.)

      Oops. Went back and checked. Not quite 2 8ves. Still impressive!!

  • Nice 2-stringer. One thing you might try on a later build is to have the two stings spaced closed together (about 1/8" apart), use the same string size for both strings and tune them in unison to get a kind of "mandolin twang" when you fret and pick/strum the two strings simultaneously. Makes for an interesting sound.

    Your tuning with the two strings tuned an octave apart will make the second string (the drone string) sound okay. But I recommend tuning it "A-d" and see how you like drone string tuned to "A". With three string dulcimers, they often tune them D-A-d, and your two stringer is just like them, but with out the third string. SO, I'm sure the second string tuned to "A" should also sound good.

    • Thanks for the advice Randy! Sounds good. I'll keep all that in mind and I'll try out the A d tuning, too.
      I really appreciate the feedback!!!!
  • Thanks guys!
    TN, steal away. It came more as an afterthought. I needed more meat on the head than the scrap neck had, so...
    It's tuned D-d. This sounded best to my ear.
  • Nice. I'm gonna' try to steal your design for the headstock and the fitting of the neck to the can.

    Tuned D-d or G-d (or something else)?

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