Dave, a friend to many on CBN and a good old rascal has been ill and AWOL from CBN. 

One of his home town (Duluth, Minnesota) friends messaged me today on FB and told me that his condition has been worsening.  

Dave hurt his back a while back and then got some better and went to music event with friends he had not seen for a while due to Covid.   Dave was joyous to go.   Shortly after that event, Dave got Covid.   

I thought Dave had got his vaccinations, but I may be wrong about that.   The poor guy also got hit very hard this year with the death of a loved one.   

Dave is a generous giver of his talents in music, CBG building, drawn and painted art, and pottery and SLIDE making.   He is known to draw cool art on packages he mails -such as slides and pottery.   

Prayers and good thoughts may be a big help.  Also include his sweet wife, Yannis.  

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  • Not sure why I'm am just now seeing this. Dave you will be sorely missed by many and prayers for his wife and family will be made. Rest In Peace Dave Lynas.

  • Well said John.

  • Thanks for that link, Pick.  I was not sure how old Dave was.  76- would have been 77 on November 28.  You know, he was active and doing well until a couple or three months ago.  So he had him a long, active, productive and generous life.  So much art, music and fun.   More than most get by far.  Well done, Dave Lynas.

  • I can imagine it was quite a memorial. I wish I could've attended and heard some of those stories. Thanks for the updates John and Pick.

  • Unk . I have been looking also . this is all i could find .


    . Note the date says Saturday here .

  • 10.6.21    No obits posted on Dave Lynas - or at least none that I can find. His friend Tony said they had a nice memorial service for him and lots of people and stories.

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  • Dave has had an impact on my life and will never be forgotten. I have too many of his wonderful drawings and pottery items to ever truly miss him entirely.  

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