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i really hope this is not the final form of the forums. 

It is the most difficult task to find any of the previous posts. The list of subforums is gone and there is a horrible list at the top where you have to click more to see them.

the posts are not dated so you have no way of knowing how old a post is. 

The layout is an abomination. It almost looks like it used to but this will put users off more than the old site did and thats saying something because it could go days between posts.

Even Taff seems to have given up trying to post helpful advise.

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  • dates and times seem to be sorted as newest at the top. seems weird to me i like to read from top to bottom ie original post followed by the replys. atm the replys come before the original post which is at the bottom of the screen.. most disconcerting.


    • I just made a change to the layout.  Is this any better?

  • Hi Derek, thanks for the heads up, all my videos have vanished too.


    • Taffy, you can still access your old videos here:

      The link is to Nation 2.0.  We still have that site going for a short while during this transition

      Taffy Evans's Videos
      Taffy Evans's Videos | The headquarters for Cigar Box Guitars & handmade instruments. Free building plans, playing lessons & how-to, video, music, pi…
  • I've noticed a handful of bugs with the site and sent them to Ben and Shane. My biggest compalint is that you can no longer look at all the videos or photos published by a single user. It used to be you could simply add /photos or /videos after the URL and it would show you that (e.g. I always thought that was one of the most useful features of CBN.

    I also posted this if you've noticed your previously posted videos don't look right.

    Poorness Studios
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    • I noticed all of my videos are gone as are those for a few other members. 

  • Hi all, thanks for the nice comments, Ray. I check out this forum every morning before heading to the workshop, and if I see someone has posted a problem, and if  I have an answer based on my experience, I will post a suggestion.  However, as Tim points out traffic is slow. No questions no answers.

    I have noticed that more people use the photo section, I don't go there very often, so it seems the forum gets used less.  And, as mentioned the "group's" section is largely a waste of space, in my way of thinking. Some have not been used since 2014. Dah!?

    I have always thought about how busy the forum would be with just one or two avenues to visit. We could all experience the ideas and thoughts of other members who normally post in their own little rarely-used groups.

    Anyway it is a work in progress, so I'll wait and see. I have noticed that all the stuff I did not go to is now positioned before the Forum section, I wonder why?

         Cheers Taff                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

  • Also, we're going to be promoting the GROUPS section and introducing specific groups such as Fretting Secrets, etc.  There's a lot of redundancy in this ol' website.  Part of the cleanup is to find a way to keep things organized so that people can get the help they're looking for.  Ain't the easiest thing to do...  


  • This isn't the final form of the forums.  I've got a support ticket in to the web people


  • "Even Taff seems to have given up trying to post helpful advise."

    Regrettably, not seeing as much of you either, Timothy. All we can do is hope. Ever since they erased my history, Blog, pictures, videos, I'm not feeling real welcome around here any more.

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