• Hi, Google is your friend. I got the meaning and description.

  • gunny is Marine for a Gunnery sergeant. R. Lee Ermey portrayed a Gunnery Sergeant in Full Metal Jacket. If I have to explain what a gunny sack is, I would have to explain the explanation.

  • whatever you use, cover it in a burlap bag. "he carried his guitar in a gunny sack..."

    which may have a whole 'nother meaning to a Marine.

  • The Fender Squier mini strat bags work good for cbg's. They have good padding and well made. The price has gone up since I last bought some, they used to be $30 and going for $45 now.

    Fender Squier Strat Mini Bag

    I made a case once. It came out fine, but cost too much in materials, weighed too much for my liking and my time would be better spent building another instrument or playing one. 


  • Hi, That sure is a nice case Chickenbone John, certainly adds a bit of class to ones gear collection.

    Back in the day I used to build aluminium covered cases, mainly for the mandolins and other smaller instruments I used to build.

    I built a custom Parlor guitar for a guy not realising that as it was so deep in the body it would not fit in a regular guitar case. So I had to use a dreadnought size case and modify it. Lots of protection and deeper too.

    The last case shown is an idea I had for my 3 and 6 string CBG's. Its a regular electric oblong case, but I still have to make the case deeper. At least it will be easier than the acoustic case. But I don't gig too much anymore so it might go on the back burner.

    3716516531?profile=RESIZE_710x 3716517630?profile=RESIZE_710x 3716518089?profile=RESIZE_710x 3716518563?profile=RESIZE_710x 3716519213?profile=RESIZE_710x


  • This was the last guitar case I built. $20 or less to build, if you don't mind the weight, it is fun to build you're own.  I also made one out of Styrofoam, cost $15 just for the duct tape.


  • We have custom made  tweed cases in stock - not cheap, but classy. Tweed hardshell case3713953017?profile=RESIZE_710x

    • Beautiful case, and I'm sure is well worth it.  But, yeah, a bit more than what I want to spend right now.

    • John, Aren't you in the U.K.? That would definitely make them costly. Nice looking case though. 

      • Yes, we're in the UK, but we've sent quite a few cases to the USA.

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