Always wanted to try a Gretsch style cigar box, and finally got round it. Started life as a wine gift box with 2 bottles of red inside....several weeks and several bottles later I kind of got the sort of thing I had in my head made. The hardest bit now is to remove the orange wood dye that has seemed to got it's self splattered on the majority of my househouse belongings!
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  • This an awesome work of art. You can tell it was a labor of love. I hope it sounds as good as it looks...

  • Thanks Kevin....this one was a real labour of love, it had been in my head for ages to build a gretsch style one, so had to see if it would work and get it out of my system!!

  • Oh my days. I'm getting sick of saying this, but what a piece of work. Lovely, lovely guitar.

  • Thanks for the comments guys, will try and get a video sorted at the weekend James.......though when ever I get a video camera pointed at me I loose all ability to play a note!

  • Wow!  That's beautiful craftsmanship!  Bravo!!

  • love this, now we need to hear it !!!

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