Cigar Box Mandolin

Regular mandolin scale 13 7/8. Nice sounding mandolin. Sold on ebay 1/5/2010.
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  • Hi Aaron. The angle is about 2 deg, and the bridge height is 3/4 inch. The angle can be achieved by a 2 degree cut at the heel, rather the a 90 degree.
  • Can you tell me the degree of angle on the fretboard and the height of your bridge?
  • Hi Neighbor, The one piece neck extends under the top. like most CBGs, and glued underneath. On some of my other mandolins the neck is on the top. I angle up the fret board with a wedge under the fret board to raise the strings a bit over the top. Seems to improve the sound a bit, as well as the "look". The neck doesn't have to be so fancy, but I like it.
  • That is sweet! I would like to try making one for a friend, but they seem very challenging. Did you have to use bracing under the top?
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