Chugger Cigar Box Guitar

A commission for a customer. When she saw the red box, she said “that’s the one!” All components except the sound hole inserts and the flourocarbon fishing line strings are pictured.
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  • My version of a Chugger is tuned GD. It’s basically the same as a GDG tuned guitar without the high G. I have 3D printed the fretboard using PLA plastic in two pieces and used double sided scrapbooking tape to hold it down. I don’t go to the edge just enough so they work. Easiest fret job ever, They come out rounded and level every time. With Flourocarbon fishing line the frets last a long time. If you use wound metal strings they will wear out faster and it depends on how you play, but a refret is pretty easy. The sound hole inserts are also 3D printed as is the guide to drill them out.

    Thanks for the interest Mosz!

  • ive never made chugger . What are frets made of? They don’t go to edge neck ! Like box . And sound holes!Mosz

  • I’ll take it BrianQ! I think the customer is going to love this one. I got the cigar box at Total Wine for $.49. I’m used to paying $3-5 for my boxes, so I’m very happy to find a new supplier.

  • That’s a high 9’s as uncle John would say :D

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