Callyfest 2023

Come one, come all,the greatest festival that never was…
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  • Fantastic poster RTZ! Dave will always be in our hearts. Oh, those damn Brown Clam  Yogurt people. Thanks for the heads up RTZ. Nothing like bad clam yogurt to hurt the jellyfish smoothie business. 11009905299?profile=RESIZE_710x

  • James, a cautionary note for you and Uncle. Nude fishing… your bait!11009903096?profile=RESIZE_710x

  • BrianQ, The Sardine Ice Cream Inc. Food Court is magnificent! Well done my friend, it will be a big attraction! If a town up the highway can have Garlic Ice Cream, well then….that would be the Gilroy Garlic Fest. I’ll have to thank the sardine people again for their generosity. As far as the nude beach mask requirements, I might suggest lowering the masks…..oh …like around the waste. Sand fleas and crabs roam free baby!

  • Love that poster of willie! and the Poorness Boys Man Dave was a gifted artis! 

  • Al right We got to start working out for that nude beach Uncle John Rex the Dragon is coming to Cally Fest bringing a fine security team with Him. 

  • General announcement Stay away from the Brown Clam Yogurt! Stay away from the Brown Clam Yogurt!

  • It just aint Callyfest without something from Dave.


  • I used to be a regular over in Pacifica in my younger days Richard, I can swing a board like nobody’s business!! Hobie short board at dusk with a pint of Sierra Nevada, tasty waves :D

  • True Richard, through generous donations, the Food court will be bigger & better this year! You sure are a great hype man!!


  • The Nude Beach is open this year James & from what I hear, the mask mandate will be lifted the first week of April? Watch out wading’ in tho, it could be disastrous?!!


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