Roll call

We're in too big of a state to have a dead forum.  Sound off!!!  Where ya from, what do you like to build, and what kind of music do you like to play?

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  • I am in Lago Vista between Austin & Marble Falls.

    Been building for 2 years after seeing lot's of CBG's played at Juke Joint Fest in Clarksdale.

    Never played before, but have always been a big Blues fan.  I now mess around on my guitars daily.

    Have so far built 3 & 4 stringers & a few UKEs.


  • Howdy all. New member here. I'm in Dallas and I just discovered the magic of CBGs earlier this year. I've been playing various instruments since high school, but I'm lovin' this new hobby. I went to a CBG fest in St Louis earlier this year and that was my first time touching a CBG. I'm thinking about going to the New Orleans CBG fest in January.

    Are there any CBG events that are closer?

  • Am from Alvarado, just south of Ft Worth. I've built 10+ 3 string sliders, a strum stick a diddly bow and several fretted 3 stringers. Fixing to attempt a 4 string fretted license plate reso. 

  • Will be moving back to Houston / Katy at end of January. Texas singer-songwriter, rock and blues.
    • Ron, did you make it back to Katy yet?  

  • I'm from Magnolia/Tomball.  I haven't built anything yet, but am looking forward to my first builds.  And I don't play much, considerin' I haven't anything to play just yet either. :)

    • Welcome to the addiction! LOL!  Magnolia/Tomball isn't one I'm familiar with.  Not sure how long you've been "in the community" but it sure is a welcoming one! 

  • I'm from Nacogdoches and started building my first 3-string "strumstick" so I could learn to "play an instrument before my 70th birthday." I'm now 73 and have built about 2 dozen -- strumsticks, CBGs, several "canjoes", a "candolin, a 6-string guitar made from a wine box, and others. I've given them to family and friends -- the process has given me great joy and satisfaction. And I still plan to learn to play soon!

    • Very cool!   Do you post any videos?

  • Burleson here. Small town about 10 miles South of Ft Worth on I-35. Mostly 3 string stuff, but lately I've been doing 2 string basses. I also build 6 string electric and acoustic guitars. Main music style is classic rock and country, but I like nearly everything.

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