Houston and Brazos Bend State Park

Here's a note I posted recently with no results.  I probably put it in the wrong place so her goes nothin'!


Presently living in Brazos Bend State Park, looking for a meetup with fellow builders within a resonable driving distance, to compare and exchange ideas.
Anybody interested?

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  • Hi Dick,

    My number is 330 554 1086. Just let me know when we get enough for a meet up. I am currently in the middle of my second build. i am having fun with it but I need to get some good tools badly! lol Well I guess thats how it was meant to be...rough and dirty.

    Ill try and post some picks of my first build.


  • I am a first time builder living in Houston and would be interested.
    • Sorry, been busy and just saw your message.  Send me an Email w/ your phone number and I'll add you to my call list when we have about 4 or five to have a "Meetup".  If you would prefer calling me directly, my number is 281/827-1296.  Thanx for the reply.  BTW, check out my posting today of the CBG  I just finished.

  • Dick, I am in! But you could probably have guessed that already
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