New Stomp Drum Setup

I have been busy setting up a drum and percussion unit to use live and on videos, many CBG players seem to be adopting the bass drum/jingle arrangement which adds a lot more impact than a floor box stomper which i tried but was never happy with the results...anybody interested in a wine box with an Alabama plate screwed onto it ? could make a good guitar from it, another winter project i 'spose...


"The Cannon"


A battered old Stratford Besson 20"x13" Bass drum, its shell stripped, stained and satin varnished, added new hoops and Aquarian batter head and now ready for action! An old Premier hihat stand mounted with a Rhythm Tech jingle ring, and my rhythm section is complete!  Total cost around 140 pounds; already had the Mapex stool and pedals, 50 for the bass drum, 40 for the new hoops, 20 for the new batter head, an Aquarian Super Kick1, 25 for the jingle ring, 5 pounds for the hihat stand, already had the varnish and stain, i sliced up an old rubber brake pipe to use as dampers on the jingles as they jingled around too much and are now better controlled, the elastic bands worked ok as a temporary measure.


Used the tom mount on the top of the bass drum for a suitably adapted music stand, i'm useless at remembering my lyrics..!


I have a set of 4 mics, including a drum mic, to use for recording into a mixer ; vocals, guitar amp, bass drum and jingle ring, will post a video when all is complete, suggestions or comments appreciated! (-:


"The Cannon"


 jingle ring

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