Cigar box guitar players can lay down the rythm, but who lays down the groove? This groups is for the percussion player in all of us, lets see/hear/and feel your homemade percussion instruments.
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  • thank you

  • Great job Michael.

  • I built this for the 2x4 contest and am in the planning stages of a full kit prob using poplar306619435?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

  • Guess I'll take that as a NO.

  • Hello everyone, new to the group.

    I've been building my own box for a acoustic CGB out of Cedar and the box has an excellent tone. I've seen some percussion pieces like stomp boxes, suitcase bass and other pieces. I got me to thinking, Has anyone made an entire drum set out of these pieces or their own made boxes?

  • Any of you guys from Central Scotland ?

  • No, there is no hole in the crate, only the holes that are used to carry the old crate. It is made of decent? wood and was originally made to carry bottles of wine for a London company and is probably Victorian.. I had used if to transport gear for many years and decided to try it as a drum about a year ago. Luckily I have a second  identical crate.

    I use it, together with a tambourine on a hi hat pedal whilst playing cigar box instruments. I'm thinking of trying a wooden beater on the pedal instead of the rubber one or the felt ones that I usually use.

  • Hi camouflagI've been using a similar (but smaller) packing crate bass drum for some time now. It doubles as a 'flight case' for much of my gear whilst travelling. It's well loud enough for small gigs and I use a bodhran mic holder for larger gigs.

    I can also use it to hold a beer or whatever whilst I'm playing.

  • Well, here we are then. Electric bodhran - no effects, no bass added - just the raw sound of wood (very cheap plywood) on wood (hazel).

    The sound clip is on my page but I have attempted to add a link


  • Hi all,

    I started using stomp boxes and stuff but now I use a wooden box with a bass drum kick pedal and a hi hat with a tambor (headless tambourine) on top, however I have been messing around recently and at the week end I built an electric bodhran To me it sound awsome and plays very very well.

    It has a standard jack socket plus volume and tone controls



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Best option...

I've been looking around for something to make my ever-tapping foot do something useful and I need some opinions on the best option. Inan ideal world, I would probably use a kick drum, but I don't own one and I don't intend to buy one unless I need to. I've seen several people recomending different things: Stompbox and bass amp Kick pedal and hardback suitcase Kick pedal and cajon Any of these worth looking into? Or perhaps you know something else that might work...

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Amplifying a porchboard/foot-bass/stomp box - How Large Should the "Chamber" be.

After listening to many such critters on you tube and the Logarhythm I have, I have come to the conclusion that most if not all  have the same problem.  Without added "special effects", they do not sound like basses to me but a foot tapping a hard piece of wood.  So, here's my question for you percussion "Experts".  My idea is to place piezo pickups, likely the jacks that come with 3 disc, on a thinner "soundboard" a certain distance below the thicker top that the food stomps on. Just my…

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Stomp box again

So I made this stomp box.I used hard wood on the edges and ply for the top and bottom. I wired two small speakers to the bottom with a 1/4 inch jack out the back. It sounded awful. I packed with bubble wrap.then a old t- shirt,then a mix of things it sounded awful. I placed it on the shelf and gave it a good rest. Today I went to Lowes to buy some maple to make a uke.They no longer stock maple(sucks0. Any how I found these hard rubber stoppers. The light bulb lit up.I bought two and came home.…

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Another stomp box post.

I spent the day yesterday and most of today in my shop.I had about 4 projects going at the same time.My stomp box was one of them and I got it done or so I thought. I used two small speakers for my pick up and they work as expected. The problem is that it sounds like hitting the floor with a small stick.No bass anywhere.Do I need to put something in the box or cover it with something? I read post both ways. thank you. Played15 

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