Everyone starts somewhere...

Last weekend I joined my first "jam session" and had a great time. It was a very sheltered setting - a square dance at a school camp out with an audience of dancing first graders. The other musicians were camp counselors on a banjo, electric bass, and acoustic guitar.  They had a one string washtub bass sitting in the corner, and even through I didn't have my CBG with me, I couldn't resist the urge to join in.  I had a great time - the kids loved it - and I'm even more committed to get my CBG skills up a notch so I can join in on my own equipment the next time I'm there.

Just had to share with folks who understand the urge to make primitive music fun.

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  • Jon,

    good on you!!!!! playing for others is as addictive as building (at least for some of us).... before you know it you'll have 3 open mics a week located .... and then (wait, wait) ..... it's street busking....

    have fun... that's what it's all ab out...

    the b est,

    Wichita Sam
  • hey yeah! little kids are a great audience! i've got a 2, 5, and 6 year old, and they like to dance to any strummy sound i come up with. they just love hearing real instruments being played, and they seem to enjoy being able to actually see the instruments too.

    it's just good fun. good stuff!
  • Cool! Always great to make some music and have some fun...
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