Help amplifying first reso build

Greetings, has anyone used the center lead rod piezo sold by Gitty to amplify a homemade cone/biscuit assembly?  I've cut a groove in the wooden biscuit and wanted to use a piece of deer antler as a saddle (see photo below).  I was planning to drill a hole through the center of the biscuit, sandwich the center lead rod piezo down in the groove, between the biscuit and the antler saddle.  Do you think this will work ok?  I've had some experience with disc piezos, but this is my first try at a rod piezo.  Thanks!

center lead rod piezo

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  • I have only used the normal rods and then cut them in half with my dremel. If you had those you could still use that biscuit - it is probably thick enough to drill on an angle and then route out some of the bottom to get over to the centre.

    • can you please explain what you mean by "normal rods"  and where you get them?  I'm really new at this.

    • Gee golly James I didn't notice the reply here - Sorry - I just get the regular 6 node rods that have the wire at the end and I cut them in half with a cuttoff wheel on the dremel. I use the three nodes with 3 string cbg's. You've probably got this all figured out by now - or you're reaaaaaaaaaalllllly patient.

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