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  • Introducing myself to this group with a photo of my grandson, Hendrix, with my Spongebob Lunchbox-A-Lele creation. UKE-it UP!


  • Thank you very much ! i will build others with different colors, false reso or not etc. The guit also smells good as i used chocolate for cleaning and polishing the  metal parts ! (a tip i saw somewhere; can't remenber.. don't know if it really works but well, then it smells good^^)

  • I think the metal parts are fine!  I'd give that to a 5yo, no problem!  Very nice looking, and those are lucky kids!

  • finished prototype:


    Some points are disturbing me; May be too fragile, and i'm a sceptical about the metal pieces... not really dangerous, but as it is a toy imititation of cbg,  i guess it could be not really adapt for early kids...i guess i should remove the false resonator and try to find plastic pieces instead of these,,  any suggestions or advices?

    for the frets i use toohpicks cut in two pieces, glued into grooves in the neck and with wood filler, works and stay on very well !


  • i just start building toy guits for neighborhood kids, with tiny cheap cardboard boxes i reinforce with wood ,

    will be painted and decorated, still don't kown if it will be one stringed or three and what i will use for tailpiece ( i want something cheap but not as "agressive" as screw or hinge..)

    what i want is to do something between the wooden toy and the "real" cbg; for young children could just have some fun at first; but can also start develop music playing arwarness if they wish to go into it








  • Hello everyone, my name is jonathan. I'm from WV and just looking for some new unique ideas for building something for my sons 3rd b-day in june.

  • For my next CBG for a kid I'll use a school box like this from Amazon--305795476?profile=originalThis box is manufactured by General Box Company, Waycross, Georgia, USA, and they sell this and some other school boxes on Amazon.  I think it is lighter weight (thinner cardboard) than what the cigar companies use.

  • box guitars i made with and for my little brother and sister:305796833?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024305797285?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

  • Hey Righteous,

    Thanks for the kind words on the beatles uke.  Everything is from scratch except the tuners, fret wire and lunch box.

    I'd love to regale you with a story of how I pick up the lunch box while dining with Wavy Gravy and Woodstock but alas, I just found it in the Amazon.

  • Bit of a Rookie here. It's for the little kid with that fantastic Yellow Sub errrr Uke or sump'n. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    That is just soooo cool! What a lucky little Rock God he's gonna be !

    Did you buy the Yellow Submarine (if so, where? I want one, I want one, I want one!!!!) Did you do it that way & then go onto Mod it?

    Or was it built from scratch? In which case, do you have any plans? I'm a long time Fabs fan, especially of this era...    Oh OK ! .... I'll say it....I'm an old hippy ! Saw some amazing (totally off-topic art today, neon & bright coloured lights  & 'Fairground lettering which I have always simply loved. Same kinda style as John's Psychedelic Rolls Royce.

    I'll send you some pics if you wish, really stunning!

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8 year old workshop ideas

My daughter's music teacher has invited me to run a workshop with him next year to help the second grade class build and play some instruments. So that gives me the summer to figure out a plan and source the materials. :)  This could possibly be a multiple class activity, but I'm still thinking keep it basic:- one nylon string - 15" scale, - limited frets (diatonic, chromatic, or pentatonic) - eyebolt tuners- pre-drilled necks- pre-drilled boxes. And maybe...- copper pipe fitting slides-…

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