Jason Mills asked me to do a Blues backing track to play along to.

I ended up doing two. One is an overdiven thing and the other is clean...feel free to play along anyone. I'd love to hear the results!!

Overdriven Blues backing track.mp3

Clean Blues backing track.mp3

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  •  Can I post lyrics for your 12 bar? I don't play much and can't sing at all but do write some.

    • yeah definitely, that'd be good : -)

    •   Here are some lyrics, The Internet Blues-- not quite 12 bar . I do it in kinda( Country Blues-grass )but maybe you can do something with it , let me know.,

      Internet Blues 2.txt

    • ha cool! I'm in the middle of tooo many things at the moment to do anything with them though I'm afraid...maybe you should start a new discussion and put them there so anyone can have ago with them?

    •  Thanks, I posted here to share with others more talented than I. Are they good enough to post for blues album or other thread?

    • yeah I reckon.People can take them or leave them! I think it sounds like a fun thing to sing...somehow I'm imagining a man singing them, though not sure why??!

  • I've got to work out a decent way to record stuff, I really fancy crackin' out the old musical saw for this one. Maybe when I've not so much work on I'll try and figure it out, or perhaps find my old Tascam 6 track in my mothers attic.

    • yeah dust that Tascam off and record something : -)

    • I used to get so frustrated when recording on the Tascam. By the time I'd run the tape back and forth to record and playback tracks, the tape would have stretched and everything would be out of tune. Time to go digital I think.

    • ah yeah sounds like it..I have the Tascam DP004 which is good : -)

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