6 String Boxes

I've never built a six string, but these questions should be pretty easy:  Since we require a larger box for a 6 string guitar, where do you guys find your boxes in the right sizes?  Are there any particular brand/type of cigar boxes I should search for?  I'd like to do a 25.5" scale using a Tele style neck/headstock.  Suggestions and comments are always welcome.  Thanks!

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  • Tom, I don't have any good shots of the inside but this one has a Fender neck. I have a block that the neck screws into, then I braced it all the way to the back to the string block. This one shows ladder brace for the top, but I usually X brace the top to get the best acoustic sound that I can. Yes, I do glue both the top and bottom like I do with guitars. I also cut an access panel in the back for the electronics and use some kind of cover like you would find on the back of a Strat.




    • Great work!

    • Oh forgot to address the angle question. Yes, I shim under the neck, front or back, to get the angle needed.

  • And another thing or two...do you glue both the top and bottom on?  Do you cut an access panel in the box?  Thanks!

  • Very nice, Dan!  I'd like to see the inside, if you don't mind.  Getting an idea of how you brace your neck would be most helpful, too.  Also, do you angle your neck at all?

  • Tom, I make my own boxes for 6 string. I do the box joint thing usually with cedar, but have done oak. Here are some pics.




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