• Blind Liver Jefferson which I can relate to a little because I do take an drink while playin get dat MoJo going  giddyup!!!  All is Good  Would be an cool band name to consider fo sho!!!!!

  • Blind Liver Lee! So I need dark sunglasses, a gray suit and my harmonica! Now hit it............

    • awesome brother

  • Screamin' "Gumbo" Brown

    I like it. Might have to use it as a moniker when I want to remain anonymous........

  • Sleepy Bad boy Green???? backward it would be Texas bad boy Bradley. I think i'll stick with Rat. Could be worst. Sticky Willy King. think about it...... : ) 

  • Fat Liver Lee. How attractive. lol

  • Ugly Fingers Franklin.
    Yep, that is just about right.
  • Boney Gumbo Smith, lolz

    • Blind Back Brown
      My eyesight is pretty poor, so this could be onto something:)
  • I probably gave sticky killer davis a pass
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