• Hi GH, JL's comments are valid so here may be a solution to that issue, it's the way I do my shop made fences for different machines and tasks. 

    The photos should tell the story, just modify to suit your situation and available materials.

    This is just a set up on my fretting saw table, the wooden fence shown is just for demonstration purposes only.3617495538?profile=RESIZE_710x 3617498203?profile=RESIZE_710x 3617501558?profile=RESIZE_710x 3617504655?profile=RESIZE_710x Cheers taff

    • Taff,, thank's very much for the information & pic's,

  • Just be extra careful to set that fence exactly parallel to the blade to minimize it kicking back at you.

  • Ha .,.,.,I bet that cuts straighter then my cheap old Craftsman portable.,,. kudos for getting the job done.,.,!!

    • thank's Jerry, it work's a treat, great for ripping neck's, which is what i built it for,

  • Now that bring back memories. Back in the late 70's early 80's I use to buy a 61/4"  2.5hp skillsaw  take the blade gaurd off and put a 71/4" blade on it. When I was done framing I would start doing the outside trim work. Back then most framers did not have job site table saws. We would get some plywood 2 saw horses and some scrap 2 x 4s  drop the skilsaw into the plywood screw it down flip it onto a couple saw horses and use the scrap 2x4's for a fence. good times. Now a days it is safety first. Yep those days are long gone.

  • Well... that's one way to do it. ;-)

    On a related note, I looked at table saws recently and they're not exactly cheap.

    • You weren't looking at the right job site! LOL

       Seriously though I see them on FB market fairly cheap! Picked up a Hitachi $5. Was expecting much and wasn't disappointed! It was a jobsite rig with a busted plastic housing. Turned out to have been abused as a dry tile saw. Bearings were screwed to the point that a jet engine made less noise. After gutting it out and a little mod, I have a nice fold up stable work table. At a later date skill saw, router and jig saw will be mounted in it. Too many items on the "HONEY DO"!

  • I would try to put the saw in the middle of the workbench to avoid tipping  over. The cutting point way over outside the legs is a recipe for a tip over. A bag of concrete sitting on the cross members would minimise that possibility but still a worry even then. Extra legs on the outside would also fix that issue. 

    • Titch,

      the workmate bench will not open wide enough to allow the saw body to fit in the middle, extra leg's on the outside is a good idea i didn't think of,  thank's,

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