Hi all!

I'm looking for a license plate 3-strings guitar, could you please suggest good makers?

I live in Europe so I would prefer european makers but I'm open also to USA or other countries.

Also, there is a list of CBG makers somewhere?



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  • Hi, Alex.  Check out Chicken Bone John (UK).  He makes some great ones and has really good info on building techniques as well.  Oops!  Just noticed he's already here!

  • Found this plate yesterday on the curbside.306627322?profile=original

    • Super Score!!!!! 

      Is that a real plate or a souvenier?  If it's real would you be maybe thinkin of  selling it?

      • PM me.

  • Here's one of my licence plate guitars being played by Hollowbelly at Glastonbury - we sold four of them at the festival, so they were pretty popular despite being one of my more expensive instruments.

    They come with my tilt neck adjust system as well as a custom stainless steel adjustable bridge so you can really fine tune the action, also real pearl inlays, bone nut, VanGent tuners...properly pro-level instruments. We've only got the Harley one left.


  • Thanks Pick!  :-)

  • Alex,there are more photos of those two remaining guitars on my page if you're interested

  • Something like this?The map on the back helps if you get lost or forget the words306628946?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024306629870?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024306631153?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

    • Beautiful! Have you made them?

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