Years ago, Shane Speal created a video on cigar box guitar tunings that mentioned a G6 Hawaiian tuning.  Well, he's back with a much improved G6 tuning (GBE, low to high) for three-string slide CBG. This "implied Hawaiian" tuning gives the lush sounds associated with traditional slack-key playing.

The video shows the basics for the tuning and a riff to get you started.  Have fun with it and "try it a million ways," as Speal says.  Hula hula!

We said it before and we'll say it again... thanks C. B. Gitty for providing this fantastic new video camera with all the super close-ups.  

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  • Hi Shane, thanks for that. I just started using the C6 tuning on one of my lap slide guitars and love the easy flowing sounds, you can play for hours without knowing any chords, just making sweet music.

    I had to change the strings to get the C6 tuning, but the three stringer version makes it easier. 


  • Cool

  • Cool Shane! I have been using this tuning with the all wound strings too and also lowered to F A D, but playing chords on a fretted 3 string and it is very versatile. 

  • And for those of you with 6-stringers, realize that the top 3 strings, GBE, are already there! Yes, you can play this, with a slide, on a standard tuned guitar!

    Looking at 6 strings as a series of two and three string tunings all crammed together has changed my 6-string playing (hopefully for the better). And I'd never have thought about it without starting to play 3- and 4-stringers a few years ago.

    Thanks for these targeted free lessons, Shane!
    • More to come!

  • That hula skirt graphic is nightmare-grade material.

    • What? No swaying Shane Speal Hula guy figurine for the dashboard of my hot rod? lol

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