• Only when you take on a six string that you would use for fingerstyle. Even then, you can just use 3/8" square steel bar or tube, cheap on ebay like Martin did pre war. I've got a 5 string Daddy Mojo with a red oak neck, and it has held up just fine. Remember, if you are going to use it as slide only the slight forward bend in the neck wouldn't make much difference in playabliliy. My two cents
  • I concur.I'm a player really, not so much a builder.However, I do have a few cbg's that are a few years old and have been used extensively-there is no significant movement/sign of neck warping on any of them.Just my pennies worth.
  • i was worried about the same thing a couple of months ago. and i found that if you laminate wood together it will greatly strengthen the neck... also so long as you use a short scale and only three strings you won't have any problems. i started using a poplar and red oak composite...basically a 1/2x2 red oak slat sandwiched between two 1x2 poplar pieces that's what works for me hope it helps
  • Yup, no truss rod needed. Having the fret board laminated on adds more strength to it, you should be fine.
  • You won't need a truss rod for a 3 string with 3/4 inch oak and a fret board glued to it. It should be fine. Build away.
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